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Public Attributes

_IMProtocol Union Reference

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Public Attributes

IMAnyStruct any
IMChangeFocusStruct changefocus
IMChangeICStruct changeic
IMCommitStruct commitstring
IMDestroyICStruct destroyic
IMEncodingNegotiationStruct encodingnego
IMMoveStruct extmove
IMExtSetEventMaskStruct extsetevent
IMForwardEventStruct forwardevent
IMGeometryCBStruct geometry_callback
IMGetIMValuesStruct getim
IMCloseStruct imclose
IMConnectStruct imconnect
IMDisConnectStruct imdisconnect
IMErrorStruct imerror
IMOpenStruct imopen
int major_code
long pad [32]
IMPreeditCBStruct preedit_callback
IMPreeditStateStruct preedit_state
IMQueryExtensionStruct queryext
IMResetICStruct resetic
IMSetEventMaskStruct setevent
IMStatusCBStruct status_callback
IMStrConvCBStruct strconv_callback
IMSyncXlibStruct sync_xlib
IMTriggerNotifyStruct triggernotify

Detailed Description

Definition at line 411 of file Xi18n.h.

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